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Sharpening Price List

*Temporarily on Hold as of April 25, 2022
Scroll down for photos of some of the work I've done :)

Sharpening Services: Text

Basic Sharpening

Estimated Turnaround: 2-3 days for knives with no issues.

Some knives just need a quick sharpening to get them back to performing like new. 
Some knives could use an edge that's more suited to specific cutting tasks.
Whichever is the case, this is a service that tailors your knife's edge to your cutting needs.

150 mm and Below
Double Bevel Knives

200 PHP

Basic sharpening for small blades like EDCs, Petty Knives, Paring Knives, Boning Knives, and double bevel Honesuki.

*A surcharge will be applied for EDCs using super steels.

Over 150 to 195 mm
Double Bevel Knives

250 PHP

Basic sharpening for medium-sized blades like Utility Knives, Filleting Knives, Bunka, Santoku, Nakiri, Funayuki, smaller Chefs Knives and longer Petty Knives.

Over 200 to 300 mm
Double Bevel Knives

300 PHP

Basic sharpening for larger blades like Chefs Knives, Gyutos, Sujihikis, Cleavers, and Bread Knives.

Knives over 300 mm (12 inches) will cost a bit more.

Single Bevel &
Outdoor Knives

Quote for Price

Knives will be assessed individually based on blade length, grind, steel type, construction, and condition before a proper price can be provided.

Sharpening Services: Price List

Functional Work

Estimated Turnaround: 2-3 days for minor work. Major repair work will vary.

For knives that need more than a new edge to function well.


From 450 PHP

Removing steel behind the edge to improve cutting performance. 

Significant thinning work could get very costly.

*Includes functional refinishing.

Rust Removal

From 100 PHP

Removing the surface rust and oxidation on a blade.

*Pricing will depend on the amount of rust and the size of the blade.

Chip Repair

From 300 PHP

Working the edge to even out the profile - separate from sharpening.

*Thinning will almost always be required after chip repair.

Tip Repair

From 150 PHP

Working from the spine to create a new sharp and usable tip.

Sharpening Services: Price List

Aesthetic Finishing

Estimated Turnaround: N/A.

For the knives that don't just have to cut well but also need look good.

Even Working Finish

From 450 PHP

Visible even scratches from heel to tip with minimal contrast.

*Great for hiding scratches instead of painstakingly removing them.

Kasumi Finish

Quote for Price

A misty finish that brings out the contrast between core steel and cladding.

*Options available for both quick and complex Kasumi.

Mirror Polish

Quote for Price

For prized knives that you want to just admire all day.

This takes hours upon hours of hard work. Please understand that this will be very expensive.

Etched Finish


Still in the works...

Sharpening Services: Price List
Sharpening Services: Pro Gallery

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