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Made by Yoshikane Hamono, Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture, Japan



Blade Profile: 240 mm, Very Large Flat Spot (50%) + Gradual Curve (30%) + Larger Curvature to Tip

Steel: White #2 Core (62-63 HRC), Stainless Nashiji Cladding

Handle: Octagonal Ebony Handle w/ Black Horn Ferrule

Grind: Pseudo-Laser, Slight Convexity, Extremely Thin Behind the Edge but with a Thick Tapered Spine

Balance: Bottom of Kanji, right at the pinch


This is a medium-weight knife that cuts incredibly well. The extreme thinness behind the edge makes the knife glide through even dense foods, while the thick spine gives that the knife some heft to continue and finish the cut. The spine and choil are rounded, and the knife balances right below the kanji for a very comfortable pinch grip that makes the knife feel nimble despite the 240 mm blade length. There is a very slight convex on the blade, which helps lessen drag and increase food release properties.


Nashiji translates to "pear skin," and this refers to the textured finish of the knife. It gives a slightly more secure pinch grip, and its unevenness helps with food release in specific situations.


White #2 is the simplest steel formulation of just iron and carbon, so it both sharpens very easily and also rusts very quickly if not cared for properly. In the case of needing to clean off rust, the stainless Nashiji cladding alleviates some of the problem by only allowing the exposed core steel to rust. In the same vein, only the core steel will patina, leaving a beautiful contrast between the cladding and core steel.


To put it simply, even after trying and testing hundreds of knives, this Yoshikane is still my personal favourite to use. This knife blew my mind when I first used it, and it continues to impress me even after an entire year of using it.


As with any knife purchase, professional sharpening is included in the price. I will provide final sharpening on the knife and tailor the knife's edge according to your preferences.

Yoshikane White #2 Nashiji Gyuto 240 mm w/ Saya

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