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Made of Vitrified Silicon Carbide, these flattening stones are designed to wear down slowly while being able to keep your sharpening surfaces flat for optimal edges.


This is a dedicated stone for flattening your other whetstones and should only be used for that purpose. To use these stones properly, make sure the whetstone you are flattening is wet and use the grooved side so the flattening process doesn't stop from clogging.


Stone powder is toxic when inhaled, so always make sure you are flattening a wet whetstone.


As a professional sharpener, I’ve hand-picked these stones to suit the needs of even the most discerning users. I use many of these stones regularly and can vouch for their quality. I will only sell items I am willing to use.


Stone Dimensions: 206 x 53 x 27 mm



Coarse (Black, 100 Grit) for whetstones up to 3000 grit

Medium (Blue, 280 Grit) for whetstones 1000 grit and up

Suehiro Flattening Stones - Coarse & Medium

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