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Double-Sided 1,000/5,000 Grit, the Ideal Entry-Level Whetstone - Made in Japan


This combination stone is a high quality soaker with great sharpening feedback, and it's also very good for synthetic Kasumi polishing work. The 1,000 grit side is ideal for resharpening edges with no major damages to achieve a solid edge for all-purpose kitchen knives or to establish the ideal base edge or polish. The 5,000 grit side is ideal for creating a hybrid edge when used alongside the 1,000 grit side, for Uraoshi on Single Bevel knives, and when used in a stone progression for single bevel knives or for polishing.


I consider this a whetstone that's great for beginners because the resistance that this stone provides during sharpening allows users to know if they are sharpening at the correct or wrong angle by feel. This stone will not only be able to produce great edges, but it will also allow you to grow in your sharpening skills much more quickly.


This stone has a lot of use specifically for polishing even after upgrading to something like a Naniwa Chosera.


You can achieve hair splitting edges with solid technique using this stone. 


Stone Dimensions: 186 x 63 x 28 mm

1,000 Grit side is 15 mm thick, 5,000 Grit side is 13 mm thick


The stone comes with a rubber base for stability.


As a professional sharpener, I’ve hand-picked these stones to suit the needs of even the most discerning users. I use many of these stones regularly and can vouch for their quality. I will only sell items I am willing to use.

Shinko 1k/5k Grit Whetstone

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