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Shigeki Tanaka 210 mm VG10 Damascus Gyuto

Made by Shigeki Tanaka, Miki City, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan



Blade Profile: 210 mm, Minor Flat Spot (25%) + Gradual Curve to Tip

Steel: VG10 Core (60-61 HRC), Stainless Damascus Cladding

Handle: Western Pakkawood

Grind: Medium, Slight Convexity, Very Thin Behind the Edge

Balance: Bottom of Kanji, right at the pinch


Shigeki Tanaka’s knives have an excellent mid-weight grind with a solid feel to them. This knife is really great to work with because it’s light and nimble, and the blade length is great for people who would prefer a smaller knife or have little space in the kitchen. These Tanaka VG10s have also had their spines and choils rounded for an extremely comfortable pinch grip that lessens user fatigue - very few retailers do this for Tanaka knives but will price the same knives on par with those that do.


Damascus refers to the pattern on the cladding where alternating layers of steel (or other metals) are layered and forge welded together, then forge welded again to sandwich the core steel that does the actual cutting. It does not affect a knife's cutting performance whatsoever - it is purely aesthetic. This is also true for basically all knives being sold as Damascus steel, don't fall for the deceptive marketing of various sellers promising you that it does anything at all.


VG10 steel, when heat treated correctly, sharpens up very well and is a forgiving, beginner-friendly knife steel. This knife is fully stainless and can stand being wet or left for a little while before cleaning it up, but it should still be well-cared for and ideally washed and wiped dry immediately after use.


As with any knife purchase, professional sharpening is included in the price. I will provide final sharpening on the knife and tailor the knife's edge according to your preferences if you send me a message. If no special requests are made, the default edge I will put on this knife is a 1000/4000 grit hybrid.


If you're looking for a Knife Guard to protect the edge, please order a Medium Sized knife guard, which you can also find on the shop.

Shigeki Tanaka VG10 Damascus 210 mm Gyuto

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