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Made by Shigeki Tanaka, Miki City, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan



Blade Profile: 210 mm, Minor Flat Spot (25%) + Gradual Curve (50%) + Larger Curvature to Tip

Steel: Ginsan Core (60-61 HRC), Stainless Nashiji Cladding

Handle: Octagonal Ebony Handle w/ Black Horn Ferrule

Grind: Medium, Slight Convexity, Very Thin Behind the Edge

Balance: Bottom of Kanji, right at the pinch

Saya: Wenge Wood with Felt-Lining & Pin


Tanaka’s knives are an excellent mid-weight grind with a balance at the pinch thanks to the Ebony handle. This knife is an absolute joy to use and work with because it’s light and nimble, and the profile feels very natural to use. These knives have also had their spines and choils rounded for an extremely comfortable pinch grip that lessens user fatigue - very few retailers do this for Tanaka knives but will price the same knives on par with those that do.


Nashiji, translated to “pear skin” refers to the finish on the blade. The added texture helps create a slightly more secure pinch grip but is largely an aesthetic consideration.


There are small dark spots on both sides this blade - this is leftover forge scale from the heat treatment process. As blades get heated up, the surface forms a black stable iron oxide layer. Untouched, it would be called a Kurouchi finish, but in this case, it was removed to achieve this Nashiji finish. The spots with residual Kurouchi left are hammer blows from Tanaka-san that went a little too deep for the grinder to reach, highlighting the small mistakes even the best smiths can make. That being said, there is no performance drop caused by these dark spots - it really only affects the aesthetics.


Ginsan steel sharpens easily and beautifully as a stainless alternative to white steel. It behaves like a carbon steel blade without the ability to form a substantial patina and the without much fear of rusting when left wet for a little while. Alongside this, Ginsan at 60-61 HRC has excellent toughness and solid edge retention, resulting to a very balanced steel overall. Basically, everything about this blade makes for a great introduction to high end Japanese knives.


As with any knife purchase, professional sharpening is included in the price. I will provide final sharpening on the knife and tailor the knife's edge according to your preferences if you send me a message. If no special requests are made, the default edge I will put on this knife is a 1000/4000 grit hybrid capable of passing very extreme cutting tests.

Shigeki Tanaka Ginsan Nashiji Gyuto 210 mm w/ Saya

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