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10,000 Grit, Splash & Go, Extremely Slow Wearing, Fast Cutting


Half-Thickness High-End Stone for Long-Lasting Enthusiast, Home, & Professional Use


10,000 grit is ideal for straight razor sharpening, Uraoshi on Single Bevel knives, finishing Usuba or Yanagiba, and creating a hybrid edge when used alongside a 1000 to 3000 grit stone. This 10,000 grit stone is so fine and slow-wearing that even professionals can opt to buy this instead of the full-sized Chosera, and it’ll still last a lifetime.


Naniwa Choseras are arguably the most sought after high end whetstones in the market because they cut quickly, dish slowly, and are Splash & Go, and Aratas are just thinner versions of the same stone. These particular lines are Japanese market exclusives and are equivalent to the Naniwa Professional stones. Whereas the Professionals are 20 mm thick, the Choseras and Snow White are thicker at 25 mm, and the Gouken Aratas are thinner at 15 mm.


Stone Dimensions: 210 x 70 x 15 mm


The stone comes with a plastic box with rubber feet that doubles as a sharpening stand.

Naniwa Gouken Arata 10,000 Grit

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