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About Refined Edge PH

Hi! I'm John, the sharpener behind Refined Edge. I work on knives as a hobby.

Refined Edge PH started in mid-2020 during the Covid19 pandemic as a local sharpening service looking to help people have a better home cooking experience, especially during the lengthy lockdowns.

One thing led to another, so I've since started accepting sharpening work coming from all over the Philippines and now also work on EDCs, straight razors, combat knives, hunting knives, woodworking tools, and even large swords and blades.

I started up by using only 3 whetstones to do all of the sharpening work, but now I make use of my collection of over

20 whetstones, a belt grinder, and various other tools to fine-tune the results for each and every knife that comes in.

Despite having access to powered equipment, over 90% of my work is still done completely freehand.

As for my personal credentials, I had previously worked at a well-known Japanese knife shop in Australia.

While I was there, I spent a lot of time learning about and analysing Japanese knife design and did some of the in-house sharpening and repair work. I'm a Mechanical Engineer by day, licensed with Engineers Australia.

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