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Refined Edge PH

Located in San Juan, Metro Manila

A passion project by a mechanical engineer who's just way too into kitchen knives and sharpening.

Recommended by Tadafusa Knives for Sharpening Work

I do all sorts of knife sharpening and repair work but also sell a few hand-curated high quality Japanese knives, stones, and other knife care accessories. If any of these interest you, please feel free to send me a message or have a look at my shop!

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A small collection of hand-curated stocks of strictly high quality items.

I will only sell what I'm willing to use as a serious knife enthusiast and professional sharpener.

No further discounts. The prices you see here are direct and exclusive of shipping fees.

Orders can be done through direct messaging or via the Shopee store.

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A summary of the services I offer. Please refer to my Full Sharpening Price List for more details.

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Basic Sharpening Work

For knives that need a new edge

Some knives just need a quick sharpening to get them back to performing like new. 

Some knives could use an edge that's more suited to specific cutting tasks.

Whichever is the case, this is a service that tailors your knife's edge to your cutting needs.

Thinning & Geometry Adjustment

For knives that need to cut better

After years of use and edge sharpening, knives tend to get thick behind the edge and lose their once-great cutting ability. Sometimes, their edge profile also gets a bit weird and wonky.

Some knives also just start off pretty chunky and could use some thinning to glide through food better.

This service addresses that by working the entire blade to alter the knife geometry and increase cutting performance.

Restoration and Polishing Services

For knives that need a LOT of work

Some knives have just been heavily abused or mistreated. They might be unusable in their current states, having chips, bends, dents, rust, and pitting being left behind as scars of their past.

Meanwhile, some knives are already perfectly usable and could be aesthetically elevated to become a functional artwork.

These services take hours upon hours of skilled manual work to accomplish, but they can be worthwhile when you see the results.

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Contact Refined Edge PH

Want to schedule some knife work or ask about one of my products?
Got some knife specific questions?
Feel free to get in touch with me via Messenger or Instagram!

Located in San Juan, Metro Manila.

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